Friday, December 12, 2008

Batman/The Flash - 1970

Two of the goofiest covers in DC's history, and both in one ad!


RAB said...

Is that Flash cover goofy or brilliant? It certainly made me want to read that issue back in the day.

(And I remember it as being a clever story as well, but I'm reluctant to go back and reread it now lest my happy recollection be shattered.)

Earth 2 Chris said...

I LOVE that huge Bat logo on the cover. Makes the comic look like it's twice as big as a regular one. And Adams still had plenty of room to make a compelling scene. Fantastic.

I've seen the Flash cover before, but I've never read the story. Flash had some of the best covers. I think Carmine was still looking out for his baby at that point.


memphisto said...

Flash covers were ALWAYS weird. I remember one of the first comics I ever owned was the Flash with a giant head! The best thing about the 60s Flash comics was the footnotes tying the Flash's powers to real science. I loved that stuff.