Monday, February 16, 2009


All these of these genuine "Coming Super-Attractions" ads were sent to me by Robby Reed of Dial "B" For Blog. Thanks Robby!

And now its time to call it a day at Coming Super-Attractions! I deeply appreciate everyone who stopped by here and checked out what I was doing, and those who left comments.

While this blog was always the least popular of all my comic blogging efforts, there was a core audience who stopped by every day, and it was for that audience--you--that I kept it going for as long as I did.

If/when CSA returns, I think I'll be adding some of the other bizarre and/or fun material you'd find in between the story pages, like Cap's Hobby Hints, Reader Surveys, Public Service Annoucements, and the like. And since most of my current blogs are "limited run" blogs, I do think I'll be returning to CSA at some point down the line.

Until then, if you don't already, you should check out Allan Harvey's blog Gorilla Daze--he regularly posts DC house ads, many even more obscure than the ones I got to.

Thanks everyone, and keep watching the newsstands!


Frank Lee Delano said...

Loved the blog, and it will be missed. I'm also in favor of including more oddities. However, to avoid internet redundancy, I'd avoid DC PSAs and comedy strips, as they're already well covered at Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics, under The Henry Boltinoff Hall of Fame Gallery and here. Fred Hembeck's DC strips, lettercols, statements of ownership, the Answer Man, and other areas are wide open, to my knowledge.

russell said...

Ah, Rob, we hardly knew ye....

RAB said...

Ave atque vale, Coming Super-Attractions!

As we do whenever great superheroes or great blogs pass on, we will hope for a resurrection. And in the meantime, we can read all Rob's other blogs...

wich2 said...

Thanks, Boss.

(Always liked those corny, but very well-meaning in a very '60's way, PSA's. "Remember International Brotherhood - and wash your hands!")

-Craig W.

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