Thursday, February 12, 2009


Why do I get the feeling that when they made this ad, DC didn't know whether Atlas was getting his own title or just a First Issue Special?


wich2 said...

SEVERELY disappointing work from the King!

Happy Lincoln's 200th,
-Craig W.

Anthony Wayne Conn said...

LOL! Funny you make mention about whether Atlas was getting his own book or not, because I remember first discovering this house ad in a large collection of DC books I bought from a friend of mine in high school during the winter of 1988 or so...

For the next, oh...10 years or so, I kept either looking for ATLAS #1 at various comic shops, etc.,...or, living under the assumption that it was a house ad for something Kirby and DC planned, but never published (an assumption that I came to by flipping through an old Overstreet one day and discovering there was no entry for the title there).

I was aware of the title "1st Issue Special", because that's where Warlord first popped up, where the awesome Walt Simonson Dr. Fate story that was later reprinted in the IMMORTAL DR. FATE mini-series from the 1980s, and it's where another of my favorite 1970s DC Kirby creations got his start, the Mark Shaw Manhunter...but it wasn't until I was in a local comic shop flipping through the back issues at sometime around 1996 or '97,... and came across the long box in alphabetical order labelled "F" (for "1st") that I finally found purchased, and made the confusing connection...."Oh....the first and ONLY issue of ATLAS is "1st Issue Special" #1...

"F" for "First"...not "A" for "Atlas"....go figure....LMAO