Thursday, March 27, 2008

Superman & Batman - 1942



Earth 2 Chris said...

Wow, that one is chocked full of iconic images! That infinity cover of Batman has always been a favorite, and the Superman w/eagle pic is obviously one of the strongest, most enduring images ever created of a character with no shortage of those.

Man, if only the Fleischers had given Batman some animated love!


Wich2 said...

Oh man, Chris, how cool would that have been!?

(Of course, the original Timm/Dini series was VERY Fleischer-inspired!)

Especially, compared to the horrid nickel-and-dime look of the first real Batman movie outing!

Can't you just SEE the 40's Batmobile, Batsignal, Batcave, etc., as done by the artists who did the first Supes toons?!

(Homer drool here...)

-Craig W.