Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thunderbolt - 1992

I think Pete Cannon, Thunderbolt, holds the distinction of being the only comics character that was bought by DC but now is no longer owned by DC, unlike his fellow Charlton alumni.

...on second thought, strike that. I think DC doesn't own the old Fawcett characters Bulletman and Bulletgirl, either. In any case, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this ad--that DC couldn't revive this, even if they wanted to!


Rick said...

Who does own those characters now? Are they now public domain?

Wich2 said...

Dear Rick-

I think PAM's (Peter A. Morisi, ex-NY cop) family owns THUNDERBOLT, at least in part.

-Craig W.

rob! said...

yep. he alone among the charlton characters had a deal that if they didn't use thunderbolt in some specified period of time, the rights were revert back to PAM, which they did.

now that Morisi is gone, i can't imagine what anyone would do with him.

Earth 2 Chris said...

The thing I most remember about this series was the fact that Peter's supporting cast got a Who's Who page (during the loose-leaf binder phase) but he didn't. I'm not sure if it was a big mistake, or if DC just decided the book wasn't doing well, was on the chopping block, and no one would miss him.

I did!


Frank Lee Delano said...

Were I Nick Barucci, I'd buy Thunderbolt, if for no other reason than fans will never refer to the "Death Defying 'Devil." The extra backstory wouldn't hurt a new Daredevil/Thunderbolt, and one modeled his costume after the other.

Wouldn't it have been hilarious if the Watchmen had featured the Charlton characters, and DC still lost the rights to the real Ozymandias?