Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prez - 1974

Go out and vote.


wich2 said...

Feeling very proud today, in a very humbling way.

Remembering all the folks like Franklin, Jefferson, and Washington, who worked prodigiously hard (sometimes, at the risk of their lives) to make days like today possible; and all the folks down through the years like Lincoln, and both Roosevelts, who took up the precious, fragile torch that a democracy is and handed it down to us.

Also having the strongest feeling since my first Presidential vote - in the Bicentennial year - that the choice today is NOT the usual "pick the less offensive of the two," but rather between two smart, decent candidates who appreciate the idea of this place as much as I do, and either of whom would bear the burden they seek honorably.

May God bless Americans today.

matthew jones said...

Ah, if only I lived in America, then I could have voted for Obama. Glad to see he won. As for Prez, nice to see one of my favourite oddball titles got some advertising of his own. Top notch work by Joe Simon and Jerry Grandentti, I also rather liked the Vertigo Prez one-off by Ed Brubaker and Eric Shanower.