Thursday, January 17, 2008

Captain Action - 1968



wich2 said... mentioned elsewhere in RobLand, the Captain does not sleep; his second resurrection is happening right now:

Neal said...

I loved my Captain Action figure as a kid, but was not aware of the comics at that time. A few years later, I saw this ad in an old comic at a friend's house (Inferior Five, maybe?), and ached with longing. I wanted to see this comic so badly. When I was 13, I finally tracked down a complete set at a comics store. I still have them. Long live Captain Action!

Earth 2 Chris said...

I am loathe to admit I have never own, read, or even held these comics. I do have some CA stuff in my colleciton of toys, even though it was before my time. I'd love to have these comics. I understand they are actually very well done. But with Shooter, Wood and Gil Kane, how can you go wrong?


Wich2 said...

(There is a chance - a chance - that the guys now sheparding CA will get DC to do an Archives-style collection...)

-Craig W.