Thursday, January 31, 2008

Martian Manhunter Week, Part 4 - 1987



Earth 2 Chris said...

When I first saw this ad, I was puzzled why DC didn't take the opportunity to go all A-list on this new JL (no A). After the "Detroit era" it would have been welcome.

But when I got into it, I really like this series when it started. And although I appreciated the clever humor of this era, I felt only the first year of issues actually struck the right balance between irreverance and action to be the Justice League. Kind of like the Batman TV series. Only the first season rode the line between parody and sincerity correctly.

Dr. Light sure didn't last long...did she?


Frank Lee Delano said...

Rightfully one of the most imitated images in comic book history, and I think it works even better in the context of this ad.

Anonymous said...

The art was good, but frankly, I was rather heartsick that they turned the Justice League into a bunch of squabbling kids, essentially. I couldn't follow it too long before giving up on it.