Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Limited Collectors' Edition: Tarzan - 1974


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Wich2 said...

To me, graphic storytelling just doesn't get better than Joe Kubert's run with The King of the Apes.

(In fact, I'm not that major a Tarzan fan, & it got me!)

I was so glad I got to tell him that in person once; and he did beam when I said I thought he was right there in the ranks with Burne Hogarth & Hal Foster.

Serious Burroughs-philes generally think so too; this series has great crossover cred in that world.

One sad point that I know you'll appreciate, Rob: I recently read an old lettercol note, where someone (Allan Asherman?) said that there'd be more Treasury collections of this work. (Joe did do several more Burroughs stories & novels.)


-Craig W.