Friday, August 1, 2008

16 Days of The Batman, Part 15

Day 15 of our team-up with Dial B For Blog!

The Adventures of Alan Ladd? Wow, comics sure were different back then...



russell said...

Wait, I'm sorry....what does Alan Ladd have to do with 16 Days of the Batman???
BTW, when the Golden Age Green Lantern was being created, they were going to call him Alan Ladd because it's closer to "Aladdin" but the editor balked, and he became Alan Scott. A few years later, Alan Ladd arrived on the scene.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Not only is it odd to see a movie star get a comic now a days...he's rolling a cigarette on the cover! In an era where Perry White and Jim Gordon have given up tobacco, that's shocking.

Maybe it's a "left-handed" cigarette. Alan looks a little dazed and confused there.