Monday, August 18, 2008

"Our All-New Adventure Line" - 1975

I always liked this ad; it was neat seeing all these different characters together in one ad.

Though I have to say--at the top there--Deadman, not Aquaman? Black Canary, not Green Arrow? Huh?


russell said...

I'm with you, Rob! In 1975, Aquaman was (or was about to be) in Adventure Comics again, but Deadman's book had been cancelled long before. Besides, WHO would put Deadman in the group of World's Greatest Super-Heroes, anyway????
On the other hand, Black Canary shared the ACTION back-up with Green Arrow, and that was a pose from a recent issue of Wonder Woman, so was probably the reason she got the OK. Having said that, a full-body pose of Aquaman probably didn't exist for them to use, and the Murphy Anderson "wave" pose wouldn't have fit this group.

wich2 said...

>Though I have to say--at the top there--Deadman, not Aquaman?<

"Always a bridesmaid...", Rob.

I liked that ad, too. A real billboard for the fact that, by this time, DC had gotten over its earlier frumpy yet cocky-at-the same-time doldrums.

Marvel had fallen into telling everyone, "do it like Stan and Jack!," and DC was back on top.

Great week,
-Craig W.

Frank Lee Delano said...

Another voice for the choir. I love seeing heroes grouped together as rendered by different artists, making each character distinct.