Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Action Comics - 1972

With all due respect to Curt Swan, Nick Cardy, Murphy Anderson, et al, I don't think you could really call the pictures inside an issue of Action Comics "daring."


Earth 2 Chris said...

There you go hating on Curt Swan again Rob. :-)

Yeah, I don't think Action had been "daring" since 1938 at this point...

Another example of DC's obsession with the paranormal during this period. Every comic looked like a Halloween special!!!


Anonymous said...

DC ran several panels in 1972 drawn by Wrightson featuring the Swamp Thing walking through a rainy bog, as I recall. Yet I can't seem to find it, only a single panel. This was a promo for the series at the time DC had the banner "All New Stories/Best in Comics" or "First in Comics/Best in Comics" running across the top of their titles. Can you find this?