Thursday, February 14, 2008

80 Page Giants - 1964



Earth 2 Chris said...

Wow, artist-palooza there. Pretty wide range of art there, from the Silver Age slick Swan Superman to the old-school cartoony Moldoff Batman, to Kubert's gritty Sgt. Rock. Hard to believe one company published such a wide range of styles. Pretty jarring really!

I like how they added the oval to the older Batman drawings chest!


rob! said...

i gotta say, i reeeeally hate the Sheldon Moldoff Batman. ugh!

Anonymous said...

Gotta second you, Rob.

When I got old enough to differentiate Golden Age artists, I started to notice that most of the BatArt I DIDN'T like was Moldoff's.

My fave is probably Jerry Robinson; the best FakeKane for me is probably Lou Sayre Swartz; and I've even come to appreciate Dick Sprang's wackiness.

(Hey waitaminute... if Moldoff's art is "the worst" of the bunch, maybe that DOES make it the most Kane-faithful!)

Great weekend,
-Craig W.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love classic Moldoff Batman! Oh, for the days when Batman was fun. Now he's just portrayed as an utter A-hole.