Thursday, May 22, 2008

Showcase: Dr. Fate and Hourman - 1965

Courtesy Master Designer Ira Schnapp, an ad with a lot of text crammed into a small space, yet it reads perfectly and the design and color are flawless.


russell said...

I never understood this one. They were never shown as friends or team-mates in All-Star, and these adventures didn't "update" the characters any. Same as Black Canary and Starman. It just didn't make sense. I never realized this was supposed to be some sort of "revival." An all-new Dr. Fate or Starman would have been awesome!

Earth 2 Chris said...

Yeah, it does seem sort of weird to mention the Silver Age "Earth One" revivals in this ad. It would have made more sense to mention the previous GA character appearances in Flash, JLA and GL.


Maybe Gardner Fox felt like he created these guys, and they didn't need fixing!


wich2 said...


But it hadn't been ages since the characters were last seen - it'd only been about 10 years.

Publishers were just realizing that people weren't stopping comics reading when childhood ended. The "early Fandom" generation was staying with them into teenage and young adulthood - so, hopefully they'd welcome back old friends.

It's like bringing back a character from the '90's, today. A major overhaul is not only not needed - but many folks wouldn't even want it!

-Craig W.