Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Spectre - 1967



Earth 2 Chris said...

In the days before the comics code was revised in the early 70s, I'm surprised DC was able to do a comic like this about a dead guy.

Great Murphy Anderson (and later Neal Adams) art on these!

Cool ad, although "spectre-acular" is a bit much. :-)


rob! said...

yeah, they just couldn't resist.

heck of an exciting ad!

Wich2 said...

I remember this at the time, and was always fascinated by old Jim Corrigan...

This run was a little off, though; I think it was DC's attempt at a Dr. Strange-type book? It's just a little too GOOFY, campared to the WEIRD originals (the vintage Origin is a must-read!)

We had to wait for Fleisher & Aparo's terrific run, for a return to that seminal feel - with added modern gore!

-Craig W.