Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pulp Heroes Week, Part 2 - 1975

I was confused by this book as a kid--is the book called The Avenger, or Justice Inc.? And why is he all-white? Questions, questions...


Earth 2 Chris said...

I'm betting it was called "Justice Inc." due to that pesky lil' super-group over at Marvel.

I've seen some pulp novel covers of the Avenger, and he's all white there too.Looks like I need to thumb through my dog-earred copy of Jeff Rovin's "Encyclopedia of Super Heroes" again.


Bob said...

The title was "Justice Inc."

And the Avenger's skin was white because the shock of his wife and daughter being murdered had the unlikely effect of draining the color from his skin and hair and leaving his facial muscles deadened -- making his flesh malleable, so that with the appropriate makeup, he could disguise himself as virtually anybody.

Gotta love the pulps.