Friday, June 27, 2008

Pulp Heroes Week, Part 5 - 1973

An absolutely superb ad, the exact approach to take for something as unusual as The Shadow. I love that its in black and white.

Come to think of it, when they made The Shadow movie in 1995, this scene should've been the trailer. Period.

This ad was sent to me by my pal Craig Wichman, who I believe stands alone as the only person to have sent something to me for every single one of my blogs. Thanks Craig!


matthew jones said...

That is indeed an excellent ad. Never seen it before as well. Any chance of putting up any ads for the Chaykin Shadow mini-series or the excellent Andy Helfer written and too soon cancelled ongoing 80s Shadow series? As much as I love the classic 70s Shadow, there's just something about DC's demented modern day take on the Shadow from the good old 80s I really relate to.

wich2 said...

'welcome, friend Rob.

Yep, Kaluta did a great job (and though I didn't then, I even appreciate Frank Robbins' work now, too...) - but Wrightson hauled that Shadow mail here, eh?

Great weekend,
-Craig W.