Friday, June 20, 2008

Showcase: Jason's Quest - 1970

This is one unusual ad!


Rockie Bee said...

At one point, I actually had the two issues of 'Jason's Quest.' It was fairly engrossing, but then, I was reading it a good two decades after it was intended to spark interest, so perhaps I liked it as a curious relic. A guitar-slinging orphan on a two-wheeler with a winsome Southern belle in tow (her dialog is transliterated, Al Capp-style), riding across Europe and chased by Eurotrash hoodlums? Not bad. Not bad at all.

I'd hoped for a third installment of 'Jason's Quest,' but got 'Manhunter 2070' instead in the next issue of 'Showcase.' It's Banacek-Meets-Wanted: Dead or Alive in Space, and pretty cool, really -- never seen a blog entry anywhere for it. Took me ten years to locate the third and final episode of 'Manhunter 2070,' and it was WORTH IT!

rob! said...

it was very hit or miss, but DC was trying a lot of different stuff around this time. gotta give 'em credit for that.

i remember reading the issues of JQ many, many years ago, and didn't think it was too bad. i never read Manhunter 2070...

Eric Shonborn said...

You wouldn't happen to know the creative team on Jason's Quest, would you?

A friend of mine and I were looking thru the first issue, and could not find any credits for it.