Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pulp Heroes Week, Part 4 - 1987

I didn't read DC's Doc Savage comic too much, but this is a nifty ad.


Rick said...

I never was a big Doc Savage fan but I read this series. It was pretty good.

wich2 said...

Alas, "he's not who you think he is" often reduces to "he's not who he oughta be"...

-Craig W.

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

Actually this is ad is slightly misleading. It refers to a storyline they dropped at the last minute. Originally Doc was supposed to die on a mission in the 1940s, then his men somehow save his brain and put it into the body of a Native American child....the idea was to bring Doc into the present age, like Howard Cheykin had done with The Shadow.

For whatever reason they went with a slightly different story where Doc actually wasn't killed, but was teleported to another planet instead.....he simply teleports back, later on, into the 1980s.

I loved it though, it started a Doc Savage obsession I have never fully got over. What a great character :D