Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lois Lane/Adventure Comics/Super DC Giant - 1970



RAB said...

Wait...1970 was a peak comics reading year for me and I still make a point of catching up on things I may have missed back then, but I've never ever seen that DC Super Giant Best of the Brave and the Bold before. I don't know how it passed me by all these years!

russell said...

This is 1970 and Lois Lane is a murderer, and Supergirl is turning her boyfriends (s????) into stone?!

No wonder Marvel was kicking DC's butt by this time. Those are totally lame.

CaptainJersey said...

I don't recall that B&B cover, and with a logo that ugly, I would have remembered it!

I did just check it out and according to Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics, it came out with the cover dated 9/1970 books, which seems in sync with the ads.

I have learned something new today.


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